Progress, Not Perfection

What anybody wouldn’t give to be perfect, to be able to create god-level content in one go and be able to move through life (and writing) uncontested. To be able to get all green lights on the way to work, to have days where the lines in the grocery store are nonexistent and you can get in and get out, to find that perfect person and live happily ever after and all the other mundane but slightly fulfilling things in life, right?

Well, shit don’t work that way.

Now, there are things that look perfect, things that smell perfect, things that embody some aspect of perfection but there is nothing that is one hundred percent perfection. No, not even your girlfriend or boyfriend whom you love with all your heart.

So, if we can never be perfect, what are we striving for? Perfection.

Let me explain, proving people wrong is fun and ultra satisfying and doing the impossible even more so. So, when we strive for perfection, we make endless progress (which is the real goal). In life there’s this natural pull to stagnation and death, a pull to entropy (as Sam Ovens puts it), and that pull is embedded in everything we do so that the moment we stop working out, stop reading, stop meditating, stop writing, we immediately start to die a little bit until eventually we are dead.

So, when striving for perfection, you’re striving for the impossible, and when you’re striving for the impossible you make endless progress, which is the goal in the first place. You’re resisting the pull to death every step of the way until your real one, creating something you’ll be remembered for, something people will value long after you leave the earth, something your family can be proud of, a legacy.

That’s really the point of life, in a sense, reach the peak of your potential and exceed that limit or die trying. To move toward the highest version of yourself and to push existence and evolution forward in some way. To elevate mankind at large with your work, whatever it is. To reach and ideal you can look back on your deathbed and feel on last surge of pride before the grim-reaper takes your soul back to God for redistribution. One last hoorah, one last dance.

I’ll go more in-depth in the future but for now, think about it. What’s the highest vision of yourself, for yourself? What do you want out of life? Who do you want to become?

As always, that’s my spiel on the subject.

Till next week. . .

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