Philosophy of The Red Pill

Ah, yes! Now we get to the proverbial “Red Pill”. Where it is all the rage, all the anger, all the suffering, all the pain, and the plunge into darkness truly begins and seems without end.

The Red Pill individual has pretty much accepted that they have been lied to their entire lives. That everything they’ve ever learned has either been wrong or distorted to the point of being a shallow imitation of truth. That their friends, family, coworkers, teachers, are all cogs in a machine that is not optimized to suit the human spirit but instead optimized to treat living beings as forms of currency and expendable parts.

The Red Pill individual usually goes through two stages before transcending this point in their lives: Rage and depression. The first stage is interchangeable. It can either be rage or depression. In the cases where it is depression, it is very deep and very painful.

Let’s take female nature for example, you believe your mother loves you, right? That she would do anything for you? That she would lay down her life for you without hesitation? Of course, you do. Why wouldn’t you?

Now, what if I told you that your mother doesn’t love you? That she loves her identity and reputation of being a mother and doesn’t really care about you. That all you are is a check and ROI (return on investment) meant to ensure she is taken care of for the rest of her life. That the reason your father isn’t around is that your mother was a fucking lunatic and that he didn’t want to deal with the bullshit anymore, and when you met your father you found that he cares about you more than your mother ever did?

What if I told you all that? Would you believe it?


Sure, you can accept that there are some terrible mothers and amazing fathers in the world, percentage-wise. Yeah, of course. But to believe or even think of the possibility that your own mother, the woman that birthed you, doesn’t really give a fuck about you? That’s something that would drive most to suicide or a deep depression.’

And it has.

In writing, it could be the constant rejections, the unforgiving nature of the publishing business. The even more brutal nature of editors and critics. The bad reviews, the death threats, the angry fan letters, all the bad publicity from media. All of this can drive you crazy, or even insane.

And again, it has.

Now, the Red Pill individual, has made their choice. They’ve chosen to go down the rabbit hole into the darkness. The place without light and hope.

The second stage, again interchangeable, can either be rage or depression. In the case where it is rage. The rage is deep and intense. Let’s not forget where anger comes from, anger is denial of the fact you’ve been hurt, and people handle getting hurt differently. The rage causes people to consume more and more of the Red Pill, to become more aware, to know more about women and the world at large.

This is the stage where you’re sick and tired of being manipulated, played, taken advantage of, used, abused and thrown to the side like nothing. This is where the heartbroken nice guy turns into a bad boy, where the child turns into a cold-blooded man, where the “beta” turns “alpha”, so to speak.

This is where the pivitol changes take place and the harsh realities stare you right in the face and force you to accept them without any filters or masks. This is where the truth sticks its foot up your ass and knocks some sense into you. This is the point of no return, this is where you plunge into the darkness.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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