Philosophy of The Purple Pill

The Purple Pill individual is predicated on mild awareness but can go either way. This individual has experienced some of the harsh realities of life but still feel like there is hope, that not everything is as dark as it seems to be.

These people generally have trouble coming to grips with reality even after it slapped their ass while buttfucking them vigorously. I know, a bit crude but its true. There isn’t much information on the purple pill individual outside of female nature and MGTOW issues. However, this concept can be applied to the world at large.

The general mindset is that of ambivalence, that of being conflicted and lost. That first hearkbreak, that first family member dying, that first ass-whooping in the street, all of these things go on around them on a daily basis but these individuals deny a large percentage of it as being the norm.

Now, the Purple Pill individual is not ignorant or naive like the Blue Piller; in fact, they’re sometimes more knowledgeable of the world at large than some “Red Pill” individuals. The problem lies in their social conditioning and the way they were raised which ultimately dictates their mindset and overrides a lot of the new knowledge they’ve gained.

The Purple Pill individual struggles with themselves to accept the fact they are alone in this world and their immediate source of support is now invalid. Friends, family, teachers, and anyone else they know can no longer relate to the struggle of the Purple Pill individual. There’s a sort of alienation that occurs withing the world of the Purple Pill individual, a sort of moving away from the conventional.

Now, this individual has a choice to make: either go down the rabbit hole and consume the Red Pill completely, or return to the Blue Pill world where everything is hunky dory.

Most choose the Blue Pill, some choose the Red Pill.

Those who choose the Blue pill are either not ready or are just in a deep denial. They know the harsh reality. They’ve seen it and experienced it but still want to chase those simpler times without responsibility and accountability for themselves.

Again, this is not only for someone who has trouble getting laid. This can apply to anyone about any subject. For writers, this would mean that you’ve discovered just how much work goes into publishing a book let alone writing one, and how social you have to be despite writing being an introverted, solo job.

You have to make a choice as to whether you want o accept reality and get prepared for life to kick your ass, or run back to mother’s tits and suck til you die a meaningless existence.

The choice is yours.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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