Philosophy of The Blue Pill

Everyone has heard of the Blue pill and the Red pill from The Matrix, right? Of course you have. And, everyone has surely heard of MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), right? Probably, probably not. Well, this post isn’t about any of that. This is a writing blog, not a renegade against SJW’s and women blog.

What I’m going to talk about is the philosophy of the mindsets behind the pills, as the pills not only represent a level of awareness when it comes to the gynocentric society and female nature, but an awareness of the world around you which can be used to better your writing, painting, music, financial situation, whatever.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get into it!

The philosophy of the Blue pill is predicated on ignorance, naivety, and presupposed innocence. I say presupposed because people generally have a way of denying new information presented that either contradicts or completely shatters their sense of reality.

The Blue piller, believing in all the lies of the system and will defend the system to the death, will either use shaming language, hurl insults, suggest the one disseminating information lacks credibility and integrity, and all things of the like. The Blue Pill individual generally has little to no awareness of the world around them because they have not experienced the harsh nature of reality up to this point in their lives.

Please note that some people go their entire lives without being exposed to the harsh realities of the world, and whatever they do get exposed to in regards to less than pleasurable circumstances usually doesn’t exceed the level of an annoyance.

Yes, these lucky bastards exist.

Now, the mindset of a Blue Pill individual is that of optimism and positivity up to the point of absurdity. Now, they do experience negative emotions but typically get over those emotions in a short period of time. These individuals can be more or less emotionally stable (being that life hasn’t fucked them yet) as they are just the average person. Nothing too crazy or adventurous happens in their lives, generally.

Now, the Blue Piller sees a lot of stuff pertaining to the harsh realities, but doesn’t experience it. I’ll give you an example: My grand father died on October 19, 2019. The funeral was tough for all of us, and his funeral was the first funeral I cried at. I hadn’t cried since I was ten.

After coming to terms with the fact my grandfather, someone I knew and spent time with was gone, I started to analyze why I cried at his funeral but not at my aunt’s (his oldest daughter) who died the year before (which broke him like nothing else).

The answer was that I had no connection with my aunt, although I knew her and seen her while she was alive but I had a connection with my grandfather. He took me to the basketball courts when I was younger, he taught me how to shoot, he took me to conventions, parades, the whole nine.

I guess you can say his funeral was a “Red Pill Moment” for me.

I had seen death since I was a kid, but I had never experienced it. Meaning, it had never happened to me personally. Even though my aunt is my aunt, I had no special bond and connection that would elicit any type of emotion from me at her passing (even though the rest of the family kept me out the loop until she was in the hospital).

So, how does this apply to writing? Simple, think of the reason you started writing in the first place. Think about your initial plan to become a famous writer or simply make a living from it. Did you know about marketing? Magazines? book tours? book signings? literary agents? the publishing business in general? Most likely not.

So, when you hear terms like “Blue Pill”, “Red Pill”, just understand those terms apply to levels of awareness and not only someone who has trouble getting laid.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Till next week. . .

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