Starting A New Habit

So, you’ve been writing and reading little or haven’t at all lately and you want to start up a new habit, one that’ll advance you as a writer and help you get past all the ailments writers usually possess: writer’s block, laziness, procrastination, self-sabotage, etc.

Well, you came to the right place.

The essence of starting up a new habit is the execution, nothing more. When you’re coming from a place of underachievement or laziness or procrastination, you need practice on execution, not strategy, not tactic. Both are useless without execution.

See, when you’re coming from a place where nothing gets done, shit needs to get done. Don’t worry about setting up systems, applying metrics or statistics, doing intense research, none of that applies to you right now. What you need to cultivate is the ability to execute consistently for a long period of time, that’s it. That’s ninety percent of it right there.

After about two to three months of pure doing, then you can ask yourself how can I do better? and that’s when you start doing research and applying new strategies and tactics, because you have that ability to do lock in and all you’re doing is adding to the momentum.

Let’s call it the One More Thing method, which is what I like to do. It often gets boring doing the same thing for two long, so you often want to add something different, something new to the mix. Well, with the One More Thing method, that’s exactly what you do.

See, your mind is lazy and loves homeostasis meaning it loves doing the same old thing because it can conserve its power while being efficient at the same time. Well, for growth to happen, homeostasis must be sacrificed.

Sure, you perform a habit long enough so that it becomes your new paradigm, the brain’s new homeostasis but once that happens the paradigm must change, for the world changes constantly. You either change with it or get left behind, that simple.

With the One More Thing Method, you add something negligible within itself but very effective in the larger picture. Example: I’ve been writing for about three months straight and recently I’ve added journaling to the mix. I write one page every day except Sunday. See? One page a day is negligible in and of itself but over the course of a year, fifty years, the amount of pages will be immense.

Steps for starting a new habit? Sure, here’s three:

  1. Start small- your mind hates big and sudden changes and will resist all the way. Hell will break loose int he form of anxiety, nervousness, a chill down your spine, all the signs that something is “not for you”. You need your mind with you, not against you. Make small changes and your mind will let you slide for a much smoother transition.
  2. Start early- most of you work or have school. You’re dead tired by the time you get home and your automatic reflex is to watch Netflix and go to bed. Get up earlier in the morning, get a jump on the day, write first, you’ll feel much better. Trust me.
  3. Do it every day- the fastest way to lock in a new habit is to make it a routine, something that doesn’t take much brain power. When you develop a routine, you bring some sort of organization to your life, some sort of order. You reach that point of automaticity and you’re able to focus on other things.

There you go, three steps to starting a new habit. Hope you all have a fun weekend (not too much fun, I hope) and a productive next week!

As always, that’s my spiel on the subject.

Till next week. . .

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