The Seductive Spell

It all started with a whisper in the night,
The curtains flapping in the wind, the velvet
shining in the moonlight. The being came in
Soundlessly and glided to the woman’s bed,
She slept peacefully.
The being put its lip to within an inch of her ear,
And whispered the sweetest nothing, the only thing
She’ll eve be able to hear. This nothing had all the world’s
Promise, it reverberated throughout her body, serving as her
Only form of solace.
Over the years the nothing was refined and polish so that it
Remained new to her ear yet as old as arcane knowledge. She
Slept peacefully most nights, dreaming of a mysterious and
Beautiful being, an enigma just waiting to be unwrapped, a
Secret waiting to be told, a knowledge waiting to be obtained.
But, whenever she got to within an inch of discovering it, it
would disappear, never to be seen until the next night she slept.
She racked her brain, scoured her mind, looked into the
Moonlight. Searched the skies, devoured the books trying to
Figure out what has her hooked. She feels nothing but feels
Everything, she embraces nothing but loves anything. There’s
An emptiness that leaves her full, a void of nothingness with a
Seductive pull.
She’s always happy, can feel no pain. Her parents could die
And everything would be the same, she didn’t like that, not feeling
Pain, but the eternal happiness would have her opinion changed.
Looking around she wondered why people suffer, their days
Are miserable yet they pretend to be happy at supper. What
Happened to her? Why was she always happy? Why did she love
Everything without prejudice like a child?
She looked in the sky for the answer, she didn’t know why
But when the moon shined in the night and energy bubbled
Inside her, an energy divine.
In her later years, far past her prime, she’d given up the question
As to why she was happy all the time. She discovered that she was
Endowed with the greatest gift of life, a seductive spell that
Took away all suffering, pain, fear, and plight.
In her golden years, near the end of her life, she looked
To the moonlight and went graciously into that good night.

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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