Angel’s Eyes

They’re not the icy blue everyone thinks of,
Those Angel Eyes, not the fierce and ageless
Burst of energy that’s the source of all creation.
They’re more than that, all encompassing, they
Capture the very essence of being, the essence of
They reveal the truth that the world and reality is nothing,
Just form playing around in the formless, changing, shifting,
Deceiving, tricking.
Those Angel Eyes, suck me into a dark place I never knew
Existed; the endless void that can’t be filled and yet is filled
With infinite possibilities. The scientific, the rational, the
Philosophical, the possible, the impossible, the conceivable
And the inconceivable.
Everything plays around itself, folds in on itself, enters itself,
Exits itself. The paradoxical reigns here, nothing makes sense.
Instantaneous, simultaneous, spontaneous, and any other word
One could think for the concatenation of things happening
At the same time.
Those Angel Eyes have no color, no shape, no form, no grace
And yet are all the shapes, all the colors, all the forms with
Infinite grace. They are the portal to God, the connection to
Truth, beyond Proof and Evidence for they bear no weight
Those Angel Eyes reveal the universe, ever changing and
Expanding with no sign of slowing down, the billions of
Stars and galaxies shining in all their glory, the swirls and
Twirls, and twists and turns, the atoms and molecules, the ex-
plosions and implosions.
Those Angel Eyes I’ve long forgotten, lost in an endless maze
An ever-looping matrix, a world of forms within the formless,
An ever-changing reality where nothing is static and everything
Moves, even the things that aren’t supposed to!
Those Angel Eyes reveal the All
Those Angel Eyes reveal the Truth
Those Angel Eyes reveal the Void
All this I experienced, but cannot prove.

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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