The Demon’s Lullaby

This is a warning you’re almost out of time,
In the meantime, listen to this lullaby. Your
Death is coming, there’s nothing you can do,
You’ve had your ten years and I see you’ve made
It do.

Pleasure, success, you have everything you want
And now I will collect, did you think I would forget?
A demon’s promise is worth more than gold, for we always
Collect what’s owed. Oh my, you’re so pale and your soul
Isn’t even cold.
Don’t try to run for you’ll never get away, I’ll find you
Again and again, no matter where you stray. In the hottest
Deserts or the coldest lands, I won’t stop pursuing until I get
My hands, on that precious little soul that’s rightfully mine.
No, no, don’t fret, you’re not yet out of time.
This is just a lullaby meant to put you to sleep, for you’ve
Been working for the past two weeks, you needed to be reminded
That it all ends soon, so you might as well have some fun
For your soul is doomed. You’ve sold it for success which
Never truly lasts, for once you’re gone you’ll be placed in the
Past. Not as one of the greats, nowhere near top five, yet, you’ve
Paid the steepest price to be mediocre in your time.
It really is such a shame that soon you’ll die, but it’s such
Great news your soul will be mine. I have plans for you and
Here’s the best part . . . the Devil deemed you good enough
To spend eternity creating his art!

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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