How To Get Past Writer’s Block

So, what happens when the spontaneity expires for a little bit? When things don’t come as easily as they once did? When you look at a blank screen for more than five minutes and your mind decides to reflect that screen? What happens when that feeling of dread sets in and that voice int he back of your head telling you you’re a failure, that you’re not a writer starts to get louder and louder and you start to feel your existence crumble inside of you?

Well, there are very simple ways to get past all that so don’t panic.

  1. Write every day- when you’re not reliant on motivation and creative spontaneity, you gain some form of control and you rewrite the mental program in your brain that relates to writing, telling it that you’ll be writing every day at about 5am. Once you settle this program in your mind, writer’s block will become a thing of the past because your brain know when it has to come up with something and when it can relax, giving creativity the time and space it needs to flow through you.
  2. Writing Prompts- so what if you can’t come up with anything. Anything at all. Well, use a writing prompt to get the juices flowing. You don’t even have to write out the writing prompt more than use it to get ideas flowing in your head.
  3. Read- this one is self-explanatory. How can you get ideas for your own stories if you don’t read and see what ideas are already out there. Plus, what do you do for fun if you don’t read? Watch TV? Hang out with Friends? Please!
  4. Take a break- sometimes you just need to relax and not think about writing for a couple days, or weeks, or months, or forever (kidding).
  5. Journal- write your thoughts out in a journal every day if not for the sake of writing. This one correlates to the “write every day” step as it helps you build a habit that doesn’t rely on motivation and creative spontaneity.

There are more things you can do but these are the top 5 that take the least amount of effort. If you can’t even do one of these things then you have to ask yourself some tough questions. Why don’t you feel like writing? Do you even like writing? What drives you? What do you really want in life?

Hey, answer those questions in your journal and see what you find out!

Anyway, I know the segment was a bit quick and to the point but you know, efficiency is everything.

As always, that’s my spiel on the subject.

Till next week . . .

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