The Demon’s Kiss

It is said love and ignorance are bliss,
When two lovers embrace for a kiss.
Lips against lips the emotions rise,
For a brief moment they’re in a place
Outside time.
The woman falls from eternal grace, sin
And damnation take its place, the demon’s
Kiss is the sweetest yet, she knows she’s going
To hell but she does not fret.
The demon’s lips taste like strawberries,
Feel like Christmas time with the moment
So merry, his yellow eyes gleam like gold
Under the sun’s light and fill her with a tinge
Of fear, a playful fright.
He grips her thigh, he strokes her breast,
His length increases and she likes that best.
He slips inside and ecstasy erupts, her breath
Halts as she feels she’ll bust.
They both fall into the devil’s hands,
The temptation has them by multiple strands.
Yet the lovers embrace without a plan, flesh
Upon flesh atop desecrated land.
She wraps around him and devours his lips,
Her being can’t resist the demon’s kiss,
The life drains from the lovers yet the feeling
Is bliss, skull and bone remain and the lovers
Sex in hell’s fire for the rest of their days.

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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