A Night Without Stars

A blanket of dark blue covers the sky,
The moonlight is the only thing that shines.
Dark clouds spread wide and far, truly depressing
Is a night without stars.
The war devastated the lands and smoked the heavens,
Humans firing at each other with their most deadly weapons.
The trees bend and the smaller plants wilt, bloodshed and
Rotting flesh, such filth. And yet, they drink it up without question.
The sounds of screaming, yelling, gunshots, and ripping flesh.
Life is there one minute and gone the next, the creatures of the
Forest listen with rapt attention, watching humans reveal their true
Intentions; taking the scenic route at the smell which spreads wide
And far. Truly depressing is a night without stars.
Shooting blind in the deepest night, the forest filled with
Terror and fright yet each soldier continues the fight.
Which will determine whether they sustain life?
Tortuous screams and the sounds of exploding parts.

The rending of flesh and the severing of hearts, all other
Forms of food have been consumed and the night is everlasting,
No such thing as high noon. The sun hides behind the moon, afraid of
The darkness and what ensues. In the light morality equals guidance
But this night it is evil that rings true.
The smoke rises and spreads across the sky, the sounds are
Receding and the end is nigh. When it clears, the blanket remains—
Spreading wide and far.
Truly depressing is a night without stars.

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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