Politics of No Politics

The soldier fights a war based off of profit, he dies 
Thinking he has fought for his country, when in fact
It’s politics as usual. He pledges allegiance to the flag
Not realizing it’s a façade, a mask; any informed person
Could see through it like glass… the same as the past.
I don’t pledge allegiance to the flag and its futility, I pledge
Allegiance to peace and my ability, to understand where people
Come from. To acknowledge their opinions and perspectives
Whatever they might be; I don’t pledge allegiance to wall street
And its business I pledge allegiance to making a difference…
I’ve never seen a president elected, I’ve only seen figure heads
Projected over the united states with no unity meaning these are
Only united… states. I maintain a politic of no politic because politics
Are like empty shells; hollow spit. I don’t watch the news because there’s
Nothing new, just the same old death and destruction.
I believe the spoken word is a weapon but the way politicians
Use it, we have to listen to stand-up comedians to get the message.
It’s funny how a funnyman can tell the truth and we all just laugh, even
When they tell real stories we are obligated never to feel sad; even that
Might make the comedian mad.
I’m not really sure about a political position, peace and unity is the only
Mission; but how can we appreciate those without death and destruction?
Funny how total peace and unity would lead to our destruction, for when
Disaster strikes in a utopia; hopefully we have solutions cause one thing
I’d hate to see, is that we’d have to start over.

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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