The Big “W”

Why do you write? A serious question.

What’s your why?

Do you write for fame? Money? The love of the craft? To cope with your depression? To articulate feelings you couldn’t otherwise?


We all know our characters need strong whys when we write a story but forget that we need a strong why when writing in the first place. What’s our motivation for this story? What’s our why? Is it strong? Is it weak? Is it mediocre?

The thing we forget is that we too our characters, even though we’re real and “Tangible”. We have emotions, we go through ups and downs, shit happens in our lives the same way we make shit happen in our character’s lives. We focus so much on crafting our characters that we forget that writing is also a way to craft ourselves.

The initial reason we pick up the pen is to avoid talking to people, because writing is the only job in the world, aside from being a specialist of some kind (technology, etc), where you don’t need to talk to anyone to get your work done.

Solitude is paramount.

But what do we discover when we start to take writing seriously? That we need to talk to a lot of people. A Lot. Meaning, we have to change ourselves in a way if we want to change our lives, if we want to go from zero to successful writer.

Being a successful writer means writing successful stories and writing successful stories means writing stories successfully.

Still with me?


Whatever your story lacks, you lack.

Let me say that again.

Whatever your story lacks, YOU lack.

If your characters lack motivation, that means you lack it. If your story lack organization, that means you lack it. If your story lacks meaning, that means you lack it. If your story lacks lyricism, that means you lack it. If your story lacks emotion, that means you lack it.

Whatever is missing from your story, you are missing from your life in some way, shape or form. This goes for anybody and everybody. You are the ultimate leader when writing your stories, you are the one with the final authority, you are the one that has to make the hard decisions, you are the one that points the way and shows your characters what they’re fighting for.

But first you have to figure out what you’re writing for. What is your motivation? What is your why? What are you trying to create? What legacy do you want o leave behind?

Answer these questions and your writing journey will be that much more fulfilling.

Alright, that’s my spiel on it.

Till next week. . .

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