Break a Leg

There was a boy who liked to play on the fire escape
The whole world was his and he would often escape
from his boring day at home plus he was alone.
He imagined unknowns like transformers and drones
from his ship in the air he soared into space the place
he’s the best in galaxy, never loses face.
One day he was playing while mom was watching the Wayans
“I told you to get from that fire escape! You think I’m playing?”
of course, he didn’t listen because he knew his position, nothing happened
to him before and besides mom was trippin’
The boy kept playing and then he started to slip, his mom didn’t see
so, he kept on with it. In his own world, everything started spinning
he was in the air for real as it’s the ground he’s hittin’, his mom jumped
up and headed down the stairs thinking only the words Lord I hope my
baby ain’t dead!
Mom is downstairs and the boy is crying, no blood coming out so at least
he ain’t dying. “Mommy it hurts, I can’t feel my leg!” she lifts her son off
the ground and, takes him in the house; she changes into decent clothes
“looks like we’re going out. I ain’t pay my insurance but lord I hope this
pans out.” Hoping her son’s ok but she still has doubts.
The doctors say he’s fine but he’ll be in a cast, he can still go to school but
he’ll walk with crutches to class he still imagined his world in space as
time passed a broken leg on this adventure doesn’t mean it’ll be his last
cause he has a rep to keep as a pilot, first class.
Six weeks’ pass as he takes off the cast, adjusting to his leg as he walks
back to class, tries to walk quick as to get the feeling back so he could go
home and play on the escape, right back on track.
The boy never did learn his lesson from that day, guess that’s what makes
him truly brave, never stop dreaming no matter the price to pay
A whole world created from one fire escape.

“I’m going out for a bit, food’s in the fridge.”
“Okay mom.”
“Make sure you wash whatever dishes you make, don’t open the door
for nobody and stay off that damn fire escape.”
“Okay mom”
“Everytime you say that I see you on that damn fire escape, if I come back
and see you playing on that shit I’ma fuck you up! Do you understand!?” 
“Yes Ma’am”
The boy waits for his mother to go downstairs and emerge from the front
door of the building, standing quietly on the fire escape waiting for her to
to establish adequate distance.

As the mother disappears, a new world opens in the boy’s eyes. His
action figure comes to life and the fire escape turns into a spaceship.

 “Alright Superman! You ready?”
 “Whenever you are Kyle!”
Kyle runs to the fire escape/spaceship with Superman, they ascend into
fighting off the Vortex, an evil space tribe with powers that control black
black holes at will.

 “Kyle look out! There’s one behind you!”
“I got him.” Kyle smiles confidently using his rear cannons to vaporize the
Vortex. He saw another one approaching Superman and vaporized him

 “Thanks Kyle! Nice save!”
“No prob! All in a day’s work for the best pilot in the galaxy.”
A Vortex manages to hit Kyle’s ship with a black hole cannon, the loading
dock flies open and everything begins falling out. Kyle tries to close it but
it’s no use, all the controls are busted. Kyle looks for his emergency space
suit but it was the first thing to fall out. His automatic seat belt disengaged
and suddenly he began falling, Superman tried to come to his aid but he
didn’t make it in time…Kyle had fallen.

When Kyle had awakened, his mother was holding him. He was uninjured
for the most part but in this performance…Kyle literally broke a leg.
As Kyle’s mother emerged from the room, her Moschino perfume
filling up the house as she walked by. She looked to her son as her son
looked to her, an assertive look began to reform her face.
“Look, I’m gonna go out for a bit. I won’t be gone long so I don’t wanna
see you on that fire escape when I get back, if I do I’m whooping yo ass
ya hear me?”
“Yes Ma’am”
Kyle’s mother closed the door and headed downstairs, he ran to the fire
escape to watch his mother leave the building, acting as a guardian angel
ensuring his mother’s safe departure. When she faded from view he
immediately ran to the kitchen and made a bowl of Cinnamon Toast
Crunch, fueling his tank of imagination as he would open the door to the
world of his creation.
All his action figures were lined up as he would choose the hero to
accompany him on the day’s journey. Each hero stood tall, as Kyle’s word
of the day meant the world to them; to have the honor of assisting Kyle
bestowed upon them was justice of the highest order!
“Alright boys! I’m gonna choose Superman to come with me. That doesn’t
mean I like him more than you, it’s just superman can breathe in space
and there’s only room for one on my ship…dismissed!”
All heroes except Superman were placed in the toy box as Kyle made his
way to the fire escape now a spaceship. As he closed his eyes and
reopened them, the room became a space station. The blue earthly was
now filled with billions of stars, one shining brighter than the last.
“Alright Superman, you ready!?”
“Whenever you are Kyle”
The two took off on the journey to fight, the battle began immediately as
the Vortex ambushed them. Kyle and superman fought bravely, vaporizing
many Vortex tribesman. A Vortex managed to sneak behind Kyle’s ship
and hit it with a black hole cannon, forcing Kyle’s loading dock to open.
He tried everything to stay on course but nothing worked, the controls
Busted, the automatic seatbelt disengaged and he couldn’t find his
Superman tried to save Kyle but he didn’t make it in time…Kyle had
fallen to his doom.

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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