A Reason for Bad Writing (Not what you think)

So I was at my writing group and we had an activity based upon description. Now, I think myself at least halfway decent when it comes to description, even good when I put some effort into it, but, for some reason, my brain just wasn’t there.

Happens a lot doesn’t it? Those days where you’re just tired, not into it, or simply somewhere else and you can’t seem to focus?

While I was doing the activity and sometime after, I thought about why I wasn’t that engaged and simply wanted to go home (just getting off of work wasn’t an excuse because everyone comes to the writing group after work).

The deeper I thought about it, the more something Alex Becker, CEO of a software company called Market Hero, said came back to me. Something about eating healthy to remove brain fog.

The concept is simple enough: eat healthy food so that your gut isn’t foggy and filled with bullshit that tastes good now but is killing you slowly.

When that hit me, it hit me. I was was eating too much bullshit which is why my focus and clarity wasn’t all there. I was eating too much bullshit to where I couldn’t maintain focus. Not because I was tired (I’m 23, I don’t get tired that easily) but because my gut and mind had too much fog. It was hazy, maybe even high, on junk food and mindless nibbling.

And I noticed something else about myself as well: when I write in the morning, before I eat anything, I actually feel pretty good. I feel like my mind is all there and I can focus on what I’m doing because my body isn’t digesting anything and my mind isn’t all foggy from the day’s installment of junk food and relatively healthy food.

What I’m suggesting here is that when you’re writing, don’t eat and don’t drink (water is fine).


Simple, because when you’re ind and body is focused solely on one task, you’re able to devote all of your energy to it and maintain a laser focus you couldn’t otherwise. You allow yourself to have your best insights and your receptivity to great ideas, descriptions, one-liners, goes through the roof. Because you’re not taxing your body, the brain has more energy to use and process information (which does burn calories).

This even works with physical exercise, but I’m not a nutritionist so I’ll leave that segment for someone else.

The technique?

No technique, just don’t eat or drink when you’re writing. Try to have as clear a mind and body as you possibly can and see how focused and engaged you become in your task.

Till next week. . .

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