All Water

God and mother nature have forsaken us this day
The land covered in water filling the vast sea created
By rain. The tides move in an old-fashioned groove swaying
Left, right, forward and backward. Visibility remains the issue,
All one can see is water as it plummets from the sky. On this ship
Our rations are low but at least water is plentiful, each raindrop
Purifies the polluted water that lie below. The rain pours freely while
The ocean remains constricted; God pours out his heart as Jesus weeps
The rain crucifies the ocean as we speak we’ve been in Atlantis for what
Seems to be weeks our feet become webbed and we develop extra sets of
Teeth. We’re convinced this rain will not stop, the ocean will take back
What it’s owned before the land, it seems the ocean has something to say
About god’s plan, mother nature doesn’t understand that the ocean is
Subjected to many changes yet all that’s talked about is the land.
The ocean is tired of being observed from a distance, having its beauty
Admired from afar, taking control of our ship and taking us farther than
Anticipated, showing us how the world came to start. At first this was a
Calamity but all the ocean wanted to give was clarity, dispel myths with
The swiftness of Heracles and as we made our minds still the raindrops
Slowed, as each drop fell in the ocean, the pollution faded and we could
See it reverting to nature’s potion, sky blue with a purity most potent,
Looking at the sky as god’s tears fall, if one focused, a vision of our
Ancestors would appear, moving with such elegance and grace, singing
Happily, no “Amazing Grace”, look to the ocean children run in place
Mimicking their parent’s movements, swaying with the tides, as the
Waves began to ensue we knew it was time to go gently into that
Oasis as the last thing we saw was simply for the ages.

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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