How a piece of string ties the fabric of time
Gold mixed with velvet how smooth and sublime to make
Jesus sit with Judas one last time and drink some wine.
How a man- made concept became a god guided object, as humans
reach for the stars in search for new projects when the passage of our
nation’s time already gave way for the projects.
If love conquers all then time conquers everything, for love passes all the
time but time never passes love. Time leads to death which is obviously
end of things, for things pass on to death but does death pass onto things?
Death lets time pass but time often surpasses death, making one immortal.
Time is shameless, path seems aimless, time changes everything but
change never changes. If love conquers all, and time conquers everything
then give love time and it easily conquers anything. Time-love surpasses
all while death is the excuse, if the souls are intertwined then love is
something one could never lose.
Shame is mortification one feels after embarrassments, teen often
great feats to take care of it. High in thought as they smoke weed,
position’s precarious but ridding the embarrassment, doing something
hilarious then getting back at the one you don’t like, being nefarious
then play the victim like revenge wasn’t the scariest.
Shame is the emotion that comes after envy, getting knocked out by
that expert ten-piece, talking all that smack with none of the skill
knocks one off the map as the game get real; just be lucky one lives
with shame, cause the weak often get killed
In a generation where shame is shameless, time lets it pass because the
path is aimless, change never changes but change will change this,
guess there’s truth to the movie The Matrix.
If shame remained shameless and time remained aimless, generations
would have no guidance to make changes, having sight that’s sightless
Timeless shame, two components in creating greatness.

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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