The Benefits of Binge-Reading

This one is going to be for all the readers or would be readers if they didn’t binge-watch Netflix. Most people think that too much of anything, even a good thing, can be a bad thing but what if I told you that with reading, that’s not the case.

Sure, reading for twelve hours straight can be a bad thing, simply because your brain isn’t trained for that prolonged strain of using the imagination and deciphering meaning of words and concepts, at least, not on a daily basis.

But, I find that when I binge-read, a series preferably–I read faster, the book is more enjoyable, and you get a better understanding of the bigger picture and a sense of how the story was created.

I’m pretty sure I touched on this before but I wanted to make a dedicated segment on this.

The benefits are as follows:

  1. Faster reading- when you hop from book to book, the transition from one world to another can be jarring and cause you to struggle with the next book, even not liking it before giving it a chance. However, when you binge-read a series or a stream of similar books, your mind will have an easier time processing what it is your reading and the transitions won’t be as difficult because when your mind finds something it likes, that’s all it wants.
  2. Reading is more enjoyable- when reading a series or works by an author you like, it doesn’t feel like reading. Sometimes, you forget you’re reading in the first place and time doesn’t exist, at least in the moment. You get this high unlike anything else and you go through a learning process that’s nearly effortless, and if you’re a writer, that can be simply blissful.
  3. A better understanding of world-building– When you read a series from start to finish without interruption, you see how everything unfolds and how one thing connects to the next. You start to see where one thing ends and the next begins, you get a birds-eye view on how the world was built and what was put into it to make it seem real. In other words, you pick it up intuitively without having to do tons of research.
  4. Broadens your imagination- writers get ideas from other writers. Simple, right? Well, if you’re binge-reading on a consistent basis, you’re going to have a flood of ideas the moment you hit the keyboard and start writing your own masterpiece and nothing is more satisfying than having a plethora of ideas to experiment with and pull from.

Well, that’s my spiel on the subject, so get to binge-reading instead of binge-watching and work that imagination!

Till next week. . .

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