Silent Verse

Look into the stars and what do you see?
The night sky designs a constellation
Decorating the stories of the past.
Each individual influential
In their own fashion, by nature they move
With the child’s imagination in mind.
As parent tell the story passed down from
Generation to generation and
The children listen in fascination,
Eyes widening in amazement as they
Look for the north star to guide the way back
To reality, as the time for bed
Approaches. As they go back to their star
Bangled rooms, looking at the ceiling, smile,
As they close their eyes and dream of heroes.
Warriors of the distant past fighting for fame
Glory, to be anointed as holy
In the eyes of the gods who stand righteous,
Though the children don’t understand the truth
Behind the stories, they know what they must
Do. To fight evil by day to ensure all
Is well in the night, so the stars may shine
And the constellations be free to roam
The skies, to perform the dance of battle
While the children sleep in the silent night.

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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