Second Take

Been a while since people were partying like it was ‘99
No thots only prostitutes flood the streets today
On some dirty shit
Goddamn, I ain’t see this school in a while, they still got them
Basketball courts? I remember when the rims would break cause
The school was too cheap to get real ones,
Shit used to be funny.
Yeah, I don’t see no Barbeques now, the weather on some stupid
Shit this year
No kids
No parents
No sun
Just rain
Mildew stinking up the air along with garbage cause the city don’t
Give a damn
Hey, the old house my grandparents lived in!
That bitch used to be lit than a motherfucker!
The fam used to come over from Georgia and shit
Used to play football on the stoop and shit
You know how it was
Now its all these white people and jews that live here
Gated community type shit, all the black fold gentrified and shit
I don’t know where cause I don’t give a shit but it’s still sad and
Shit you know?
Aight, I’ma get on up outta here fo'  them people get suspicious.

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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