Pleasures of the Earth

As the dirt is gently moved by the wind
And the rain enriches the soil that connects
To the roots, the spirits of the ancestors that
Walked the paths before us guide our way
The tree of life that has weathered the storm
For thousands of years, holds the kinetic
Energy that fills a nation of people with hope
In their darkest hour, the roots beneath the earth
Feel the anguish, suffering and pain, the ancestor
Infuse that pain within the roots to produce the
Sensation of hope as plants take in carbon dioxide
To produce oxygen.

The planet shifts and changes through millions
Of years of tough love and borderline abuse by
Mother nature, the pouring rain, the dramatic storms
The shifting tides, the forest fires; all constantly changing,
Improving to become the best planet it could be.
As the third Child in the solar system it is the only one that sustains life, all
Others are barren, empty and unchanging.

The tall trees, strong roots, diversity of wildlife are all
Part of an ecosystem that makes the earth pleasurable
The fresh water fills the body with purity while the sun
Supplies unlimited energy, the soil underneath bare feet
Connects to the roots and the ancestors trapped beneath
Through the invention of footwear, the pleasures of the earth
Lies in the roots and those who are willing to connect.

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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