Why We Write

I’m currently binge-reading a series and forgot to come up with a new insight, however, for the sake of consistency, a little reminder of why we writers write. Enjoy!

Jo The Philosopher

I watched a youtube video that asked, “Why does your business exist, other than the purpose of making money?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsmyaNR3A68

When Sam Ovens, owner of Consulting.com, went into this, he said some profound things which amounted to this: when you try to make money, you don’t make any money. When you focus on value, you end up making tons of money.

Now, I like getting paid as much as the next person, perhaps a little more. But, when he said that, it really got me thinking about why I picked up the pen and started writing in the first place.

I mean, I was just a fourteen-year-old who happened to read a good series and, after reading said series, decided to pick up the pen and write one. The question was why? Why did I pick up the pen and start writing?

It wasn’t money or fame or adulation. I…

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