Your World and Mine (Second Person)

Every great relationship begins with how
Thinking of little ways and plans to do
The impossible, everything starts with I
Brewing up a potion to create the perfect mix
Of “whatever she likes” and “the world is your(s)”
But you never have quite enough to give her the world
You’re on board, you’re with her but is she with
You? Ask yourself “do I really want to make her mine?”

In this stage of the planning, comes the what
You have the task; the hard part is the “do”
It’s funny how the whole thing started with I
There, the beauty walks by; now what do I do?
Looking at the clock and its half past two (to)
It’s either now or never, a decision to make
Go up to her, she won’t come to you
All this time wasted is potential time to spend
But do you really wanna be with her to the end of time?

Whatever happens to her world and yours, will
power is the element in life that you need
to master if you want the stamina to always
be there for her when she’s in trouble; always fight
by her side, never questioning what for
the answer’s in your face, the one and only “her”
you want a family with her you’ll have to strive to make,
mend all the broken emotions as you try to make everything work out,
perfect version of “what’s mine is your(s)”
they said it wouldn’t work cause you’re two different worlds
isn’t all conquered by love when effort combine?

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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