The Legend of Strawberry Snow (Part 1)

Jack, Marcy, Gray, and Bobby were having a sleepover at Jack’s house while their parents were out of town for the weekend. They were told not to go anywhere without letting their parents know first–not that there’d be any place to go in Salt Lake City after 5 P.M.–and they were given three hundred dollars to last them the three days. Every time they had a sleepover, they’d tell stories and legends from midnight till one in the morning after watching scary movies.

It was Saturday, 12:45 A.M., and they were in Jack’s room which was painted like the Bat-cave, complete with all the accessories, action figures, cups, socks, shoes, and whatever else could be sold with Batman on it. There was a large, black dresser with six drawers and a mirror on the right side of the bed and a small nightstand with a Batman lamp on the left. Jack’s desk (which also had a Batman lamp) sat at the window with a view of all the other suburban houses. A beanbag chair was in the corner to the right of the desk and the T.V. was in the center, right in front of the bed.

The kids sat around in a circle with Bobby and Gray sitting on the edge of Jack’s bed and Jack and Marcy sitting on the floor with pillows under them. Jack didn’t mind, he liked to see his friends comfortable and he has the house to himself most of the time anyway, his parents are almost always going on weekend trips and vacations.

Jack wore Batman Pajamas, Marcy wore pink pajamas, Bobby wore a grey shirt and some sweats and Gray wore a white tank-top and navy-blue basketball shorts. The kids had a rule that whoever’s house they were sleeping at had to either pick a cool story off Google or come up with a legend or their own. The story or legend had to be good or they’d have to buy everyone lunch for the next week. The other kids told their stories and Jack was up last because he was the host.

Marcy’s story had been something about the dead relatives of a suburban family coming back to life and killing off the living and then taking residence in their place. Bobby’s story had been about a group of people who got trapped in a haunted castle and disappeared never to be seen again, only one person made it out. Gray’s story had been about a serial killer who was murdered by his own daughter who went on to find the victims’ families and amend for the sins of her father, that one actually spooked everyone as it was based on a true story.

Jack was last one, and he had a smirk on his face because he’d worked hard for the past week coming up with his story, and he knew they weren’t expecting the twists at the end. He also had a smirk because he knew everyone had picked their stories off Google and that he was the only one who sat down at his desk all night for the past week, watching scary movies and videos, reading comics, and had even read a Stephen King novel or two, to get this story just right, and he thought he had it. No, he knew he had it.

“Alright Jack, you know the deal,” Bobby said. “You either got a story for us or lunch for the next week.” He added. “Let’s have it.”

Jack smirked, “Not to worry my good man!” Jack stood up and put his fists on his hips like a superhero. “This’ll be the best story yet!”

“You always say that,” Gray said.

“But this one has a twist at the end,” Jack replied. “A twist I worked really hard to come up with.”

“So, you’re going with a legend, huh?” Marcy sighed. “Why don’t ever just tell a story like the rest of us? Just pick one off Google and be done with it.”

“No way!” Jack said. “ I spent the last week watching movies, reading comics and even a novel or two to get this story right,” he added. “This legend will be the best one, you’ll see!”

“Yeah, like your Story of the Booger-man?” Gray said and the others started laughing. “Yeah, okay.”

“Shut up!” Jack said as he picked up his pillow and hit Gray with it.

Gray got up with his pillow and they had a short pillow-fight, Jack hit him in the head and knocked his glasses off and Gray hit jack in the stomach forcing him to fall over and they continued laughing then sat back down.

“Alright Jack,” Bobby said. “what’s your story?”

“It’s a legend, thank you very much!” Jack said indignantly. “The Legend of Strawberry Snow!”

Everyone laughed.

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Jack rolled his eyes while maintaining that self-satisfied grin. “Sounds like a sissy title but that’s not the point.” He added, “What matters is the story.”

“Then tell it,” Marcy grinned with scrutinizing eyes.

“There was once a warrior who lived on a mountain.” Jack started. “He lived in a cave that sat at the very top, overlooking a plateau that sat in the middle. Every day at noon it snowed on the mountain but it wasn’t ordinary snow. The snow was the color of strawberries.”

“Wow,” Marcy said sarcastically. “We never would’ve guessed.”

Jack ignored her and continued, “The warrior went down to the plateau every day at noon and sat in the center of it to meditate. The snow fell everywhere except on the warrior himself, and the snow gathered and swirled around the warrior’s body like a tornado. The warrior harnessed the snow and became filled with energy.

“The warrior did this to protect something sacred that was hidden in the mountain, something people often came to mine and sell off for a fortune. And every time someone came to take the sacred treasure, the warrior either blew them off the mountain or brutally killed them. Guts and blood splattering everywhere.

“At first, it would only be one or two people, and, depending on who they were, the warrior either blew them off gently, harshly, or he simply halted their progress and told them to leave. Some people listened, others didn’t, so the warrior did what he had to do to protect the sacred treasure.

“One day, a small army came to the mountain and tried to take the sacred treasure by force. They came before noon because they knew that was when the warrior always prepared to fight and ward off intruders. However, the warrior had dealt with this army before and seen through many of their tactics.

“While the army was on the way to the mountain, the warrior harnessed the snow and sent a hailstorm at them. The soldiers were prepared for that. They’ve seen the warrior’s tactics as well. The warrior, experienced as he is, went to the plateau and began bending the snow to his will. He created giant snowball after giant snowball and threw them at the soldiers. Some soldiers got encased in the snowballs while others still advanced.

“The general, Marcellus, who was a crafty and sneaky man, told some of his soldiers to go around back of the mountain while the main group held the warrior’s attention upfront.

“While the warrior was fighting the army up front. The other soldiers made their way to the back, after about a half days travel, and discovered a cave halfway through their journey. The group’s commander and second-in-command, Wallis, told half his soldiers to go into the cave while the rest made the full journey to the back.

“When Wallis and his soldiers got to the back, they saw another plateau, and even stranger, another warrior. The warrior stood atop the plateau and began to throw snowballs at the soldiers. They got pummeled. Only Wally and five of his men survived the onslaught and were forced to retreat.

to be continued . . .

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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