The Essence of Being a Writer

As a writer, I believe in writing novels, short stories, and poetry that’s actually good, that leaves a message or a powerful lesson. My goal is to captivate readers around the world through Horror and Dark Fantasy and my goal is to do just that by being a worldwide best-seller.

Yeah, I know, that’s a big and lofty goal.

It’s a goal that drives me to keep writing every single day, to deliver content that entertains, captivates, and delights people around the world and show them that this world isn’t such a bad place, that there is beauty in the chaos, method to the madness, and pleasure in the pain.

I’ve been thinking–and watching deep, thought-out youtube videos–for the last couple of days and I really asked myself, perhaps for the first time, what is my true goal as a writer? What is it that I want to accomplish? what value do I want to provide to readers around the world?

My true goal? To captivate readers worldwide.

What I want to accomplish? becoming a worldwide bestseller.

Value I want to provide? A good time, a powerful lesson, deep insight about life that brings people closer together.

I want to help people end their misery if even for a moment. I want to create beauty where there’s ugliness, to create pleasure where there’s normally deep pain. That’s what drives me as a writer, those are my core values and beliefs.

As a writer, I believe writers should have something that drives them, something that makes them want to strive for a higher purpose, something that gives them that fuzzy feeling in their head when they think about it, brimming with confidence at the thought of their vision.

It’s too often that writers start and stop, go halfway and quit, see the plethora of books on the shelves and best sellers and get discouraged, look at the pile of rejections they receive and start to doubt themselves.

I’ve been there. Hell, I’m there now. But, I keep going.

I keep going because I have a goal.

A big, lofty, seemingly impossible goal.

So, I ask you, as a writer, what is your goal? What keeps you going? What gives you that surge of confidence and power when you think about it?

Got it? Good. Now, hold on to it and never let it go. Write it down, remember it, get it tattooed on you, for god’s sake!

Because the one thing that will distinguish you, differentiate you, elevate you as a writer is a core value(s), a core goal(s), something beyond money, fame and adulation.

Because when you get that, you get the essence of being a writer and everything else falls into place.

Till next week . . .

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “The Essence of Being a Writer

  1. Josiah, such a well composed little essay you’ve written here! The questions you pose for us writers are good and worthwhile ones. Here are my particular answers to your Q’s:

    What is my goal as a writer? — To entertain, to inspire, to heighten awareness within the reader. If any of these things are accomplished, then I believe the writing is successful.
    What keeps you going? — Oxygen and love, two required elements necessary to breathing.
    What gives me confidence when I most need it — In times of struggle, I tend to remember a quote I read somewhere: “A successful writer is an amateur who never quit.”
    I probably read that on Christian Mihai’s blog. His stuff is inspiring, on point, and great.
    And when I am feeling a bit nihilistic, asking myself the point of all these rejection emails, I will ask, “Well, why not? What would I be doing if I wasn’t writing and submitting?” And the answer to that is: I wouldn’t be doing a hell of a lot. So I might as well be spending a lot of my time on what I enjoy.

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    1. Well said, sometimes the rejection letters get overwhelming and often discourages writers but hey, if we aren’t submitting we aren’t doing anything. Best of luck to you and your writing endeavors and Happy Reading!


  2. Reblogged this on The Akhtab Weekly and commented:

    I know, I know. I can’t keep being lazy forever, and I won’t be. Just need a little time to get back into the flow of things. I’ll be back with a new insight next week, for sure! Until then, for the sake of consistency, a little reminder of what the essence of writing is. Enjoy!


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